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Do you have 5 minutes to learn how you can save upwards of $40,000 - $100,000 over the next 20 years by switching to solar? Fill out the form below to learn more!
Here are 5 Reasons Now Is The Time To Go Solar In WA
Offset Solar is not your average solar company. We have happily dedicated thousands of dollars and hours of our time to be able to offer the greatest incentives along with the highest quality installations.
1)   You can get 80% of your solar system paid for in the state of Washington. No state has these same amazing incentives, but the incentives are ending soon

2)   Offset Solar will pay for your first 12 months of solar. We do this because we want there to be 0 reasons for any individual or family to miss out on an opportunity with so much benefit

3)   For every solar installation that goes up, Offset Solar and partner Solar Aid install 50 solar lamps in communities without access to clean energy

4)   Switching to solar will begin saving you money on day one. Not to mention, besides meeting one time, there is no necessary time commitment from you. We handle the entire process from beginning till end

5)   Adding solar to your home not only increases the value by 3-5%, it also significantly reduces your carbon footprint (equivalent to almost 11,000 gallons of gasoline per year!)

BONUS: Switch to solar this month and receive a FREE Home Energy Efficiency Package with a new Ecobee 4 Smart Thermostat and 30 LED Lightbulbs.

One more thing...   No company stands by their panels and installs the way we do. Your satisfaction and prosperity is our greatest concern. This is why all installs come with a minimum 20-yr warranty, to make sure you're always protected.
Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost?
The cost of your system depends on your monthly power consumption and which incentives you qualify for. No matter what there are no upfront costs. In fact, we pay for your first 12 months!
What do you mean by "12 months free"?
Good question! Allow me to clarify. When you switch to solar you are effectively trading your power bill for a solar loan. That loan is for the panels and inverters themselves. After you finish paying for the panels, you no longer make a monthly payment.

The "12 months free" means that we pay for the first 12 payments on your system. Furthermore, with the current incentives in the state, you can go up to 9 years without paying for power! 
Is this only in Spokane? What about all of WA or ID?
Do you live outside of Spokane? No problem! We serve all of Washington and even Idaho. Our office is actually located in Coeur d'Alene. Go ahead and fill out the contact form and we'll be in touch with you soon.

Not in WA or ID? Put  your name on the waitlist and we'll be in touch when it's the best time to go solar in your state: https://welcome.offsetsolar.com/offset-waitlist
What do I have to do?
Have a quick and easy meeting with one of our solar consultants. After the qualifying meeting you can just sit back and let us handle everything. We'll handle everything from speaking with your HOA to getting your incentives and making sure the panels are installed perfectly.
We get plenty of snow here, do I have to clean off the panels?
Don’t worry about shoveling snow off your solar panels. Their dark surface will gather sun and actually help melt the snow, causing it to slide off the system’s glass surface. Raking off snow could harm the panels by scratching them or worse, harm you.
Will the snow interfere with the solar panel effectiveness?
Don’t fret about solar energy production either. While accumulated snowfall can cover panels and temporarily halt production, your system is designed with your annual energy consumption in mind. We use the past 10 years of weather data gathered from local airports to design your system.
Is it true my panels may perform better in the cold?
You may actually see an increase in production after the snow clears from your system. Solar panels perform better on cold sunny days than hot ones, and in some cases snow cover might even help production by reflecting sunlight.
What if I move?
Don't worry! If you decide to move we will either help you transfer the system to the new owner or move it to your new home.
How long does the install take?
After everything has been approved, the install takes 1-3 days. Easy and fast!
Do I get anything if I refer people?
Absolutely! If you recommend solar to a friend and they get an install we'll write you a check for $250.
I'm scared. Solar sounds great, but what if I don't generate enough from the sun?
No worries at all! Your house will still be connected to the power grid so you will never be without power. You get the benefits of the sun with the reliability of the grid.
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